Office 2016 for Windows What's new?

Office 2016 for Windows What's new?

Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows is still the most powerful office software, professional today. But it worth the upgrade? As this is a different question.


Most computer users are aware of Microsoft's Office applications, from the stuffy 1990. Nearly 20 years, this is still a work tool, learning mainly of businesses, students and ordinary users . Office 2016 has also appeared with numerous changes, but no changes to make us wonder, admiring.

The biggest changes in Office 2016's interface, as all applications are color coded on the taskbar. Most applications have the ability to search through the "Tell Me". But almost all only that, because the only other minor updates. Office 2016 also offers color compatible with Windows 10, but not charismatic like Cortana . Future

Outlook In addition, any remaining applications are given more features to the users needs. Another reason that the Office upgrade this time not very significant because the overall picture of the device work is changing very fast. Microsoft was on track to focus more on mobile apps, make apps run smoothly on tablets and smartphones. Apple has launched the iPad Pro , is a sign that Microsoft no longer rely more on traditional PC platforms as well.

However, the biggest change of Office 2016 is probably the way that Microsoft makes to charge for enterprises: moving from buying into the full set of monthly registered user. Until now, Microsoft certainly focus on the number of subscribers using Office 365, who also received an update Office 2016 for free (along with other updates in the future if any). So, it seems Microsoft is not the old ways are just a couple of years back launched a major update, which updates gradually and continuously over.

This is good news for those people who choose Office 365. There are many reasons to choose registered users online Office service, not just an excuse to have a license to install Office 2016 on computers with a 12 USD / month .

But even with those who do not need to Office Online, Office 2016 appears perhaps not good news. So if you upgrade directly from Office 2013 to 2016, that is not a smart choice. First, there is the price when Microsoft brought to 179 USD for the Home and Student. Next, do make sure updated roadmap, upgrade to Microsoft's next version of Office will be like because it has shifted its focus to the Office 365.

Word 2016

Word is one app icon lamp "Tell Me" above the ribbon. This feature works well, displaying search results faster and you do not have to rummage through multiple tab of the ribbon. For example, to count the number of words you type Alt + Q to bring the cursor to Tell Me, then type "word count" and press Enter. More professional, you simply type Alt + Q as your previous choices will be displayed by default, help work faster.

office 2016

This feature is available even when working collaboratively, in real time on Office 365 and OneDrive. Once saved document to either the cloud service, you can click the Share button in the upper right corner, and select or type in your email address to share. Recipients will receive a link to the document and if the recipient is using Office 2016 or Office Web Apps, they can edit the document, and the changes of others will also be displayed directly when they replace edited. Indeed, there is little lag but anyway, this feature is also impressive.

Word previously also functions working collaboratively but this new version is more sensitive than, the changes appear instantly when someone edit a previous rather they saved. Another minus point is that you must use Microsoft's cloud, is a SharePoint server made available, and this server is not without fault. Because sometimes, you will see the error messages sent from this server as it can not share documents.

One other valuable improvements of Word Smart Lookup feature. This function appears when you right-click on the selected text, and replace the Smart Lookup feature "Search with Bing" of Office 2013. For example, you find the word "Saigon" with Smart Lookup, a window Insights on the edge of the screen will display information that Word found online, such as definitions and other information related to Saigon. The importance of this feature is that it searches within the app, so you do not need to go out Word for information.

Tools and editors of mathematical notation is also improved. Perhaps users often face the problem will like the new adapter "Ink to Math". It will open a window where you can enter a handwritten notation in mathematics, and Word will recognize and switch characters, then you insert text. Many complex mathematical characters Word can easily identify good and accurate.

Excel 2016


Data analysis tools and Microsoft's spreadsheet is queen of the Office. Excel is a lot of users, and so far, it is almost no rival. Maybe so, but Excel 2016 does not have many significant improvements, but Microsoft just refining it neat, a little more rational only.

Excel 2016 does not have collaboration features like real time Word, PowerPoint and OneNote, but it has a new look nicer but really do not need, plus a few minor improvements.

First, there are 6 new chart types:
• treemap: display hierarchical data form rectangular blocks
• Sunburst: display data in concentric circles
• Waterfall: waterfall diagram
• Histogram: graph Static data
• Pareto: combination column and line to create separate value and cumulative
• Box and Whisker: display range values ​​with average values ​​in a box, while lines and draw maximum points minimum


office 2016

The beauty of the Excel chart is the ease of use, edit and new chart types are many people like. New Excel Sheet Forecast also features to automatically create a data sheet is based on estimates made of sheet series. To obtain this feature, Microsoft has tweaked the operating Forecast function below it.

Tools of Excel PivotTables strongly improved. Pivot tables to analyze the data you by giving value total value count and average value based on the column you choose, even on multiple sheets applied to many different data. Excel 2016 also offers other features such as automatically identifying relationships, group gross time data and zoom buttons.

Engine Power Query add-in used to connect to data from different sources is now integrated in Excel, is always on the Data ribbon. Previous 3D map add-in also was named Power Maps, this is also a major feature of Excel 2016.

Additionally, Excel 2016 other small improvements as you insert images into Excel, it will take the image information in the EXIF ​​data to rotate the image to the correct dimensions. You also get features in Excel Tell Me, just like in Word, Outlook and PowerPoint: just press Alt + Q to find the tools to use. But with Excel, it looks like Tell Me features a bit complicated for itself because when you type "set a heading row" for fixing a row, it does not help anything, but if you type "freeze panes" it is. Furthermore, Tell Me in Excel only works well with what is available on the ribbon only, not with the functions of Excel.

If you use Office 365 or SharePoint, you can access the document history right in Excel. File History frame displays the previous version and you simply choose one version to view and restore that version. Ink to Math features of Excel also proved equally effective Word.

As with Word, Excel does not have any significant upgrades that only minor amendments listed above.However, Excel still reigns and no other tool can replace it in the business.


Outlook 2016

Outlook do a good job of integrating email, contacts, calendar and task manager in one application. But it has long been the reputation of being too confusing, complex and more "noise". For example, it is embedded in Word mail editor, and consequently out of the building HTML emails from Word, it is difficult to be reformatted if you want to add or edit something in that content.

Outlook 2016 does not have many big improvement but still has a few new features. Perhaps most interesting is sent and shared attachments. When you attach a document to an email message contained in the Outlook OneDrive send a link to email the default instead of attachments. Unless you adjust file permissions, otherwise the document you sent to the recipient, they may be edited. This is a great collaboration solution but only to those who know what they are doing and what is happening only. And if you do not want to follow this new way, you can send documents in the cloud with the link entitled "read only", or send attachments traditional.

There are some other new features in Outlook that essentially have on Office 365. That Clutter folder for emails that have low priority, other than spam. Clutter based on algorithms in Office 365, and is now integrated into Outlook. That is, if you believe that no accurate algorithm for a particular email, you can select it and choose Move to email Clutter by click to "teach" the algorithm to know how to "treat" Thereafter email type. This not only converts emails into folders Clutter but also improve the accuracy of the service. However, you still need to Office 365 if you want to turn on or turn off Clutter.

A new feature of Office 365 that you are registered Group Enterprise newly acquired. Group is a list of email that you specified earlier in the contacts. In addition to email, you can send meeting schedules, share documents for the group in the Group. Of course, the old-style contact group there.

If you do not use Office 365 is Office 2016 no new addition to the interface changes slightly, so the fact that the interface changes synchronized in both Office 2016 with Tell Me More to search command or help. Because Outlook has many options so hard to find Tell Me being realistic than with this application versus other applications. For example if you're writing an email and want to add someone to the BCC or change the address on the From. By default, Outlook hide these fields and you need to click on the Options tab let them show off. Now, you can click Tell Me, type bcc it is set.

Point is that too little disappointed change improvements in Office 2016. When's the former CEO of Acompli has become vice president of Outlook (Acompli responsible for the Outlook Mobile), we hope to Outlook will be more improvements in the future.


PowerPoint 2016

Applications created common presentations are Microsoft treats most thoughtful of you of Office 2016, including Tell Me to search and assistance, slick interface, search results for Bing appears Smart Lookup market in the next panel and collaboration features.

However, collaboration features work only when you save files on OneDrive or Office 365. As long as you save files on it, you can click the Share button in the upper-right corner to send the link applications invited colleagues to view and work on that file.

However, it seems that the process of sharing files smoothly collaborate not much. Once your colleagues receive the link of the document, the document will be opened in Office Web Apps. And if you want to edit this show files on the desktop application, you must click another option to open it in PowerPoint. But this is annoying because then the browser security warnings, then re-start PowerPoint notify you careful with the files from the Internet because of the risk that contain viruses.

At this point, all of your colleagues can share files and work together on files. But like OneNote, your colleagues, you must save the new file to see changes.

Although the file-sharing process works well when each colleague working on individual slides, but if done on the same slide, after save, can slide up that would be messy.

Another handy addition of PowerPoint is the new chart types like in Excel, including treemap, Sunburst, Histogram, Box and Whisker and Waterfall. When you edit the chart data, an embedded Excel sheet appears, is a good example for good interaction between the applications in the new Office. Users tablet and touch button can be used to Math Ink tool to convert special characters like in Word.

That is the most noticeable changes of PowerPoint 2016, there is nothing else besides. Clearly, the development team has focused more PowerPoint in Office Mobile applications and the Mac version for more.

office 2016

However, it should be noted from PowerPoint 2013 appear the Office development team did not sit still.New features such as rotary screen for you to create a video in full screen or in a specific area on a computer screen, record ... also an improvement. You can export a PowerPoint presentation into separate video and even features scrawled in pen on the screen, then you can export that video to Office 365 or to YouTube. The interesting feature of this, combined with the microphone on your computer, PowerPoint has become a tool to help publishers and teaching very fit.

PowerPoint always be a flexible tool for the specialist to presentations or teaching. This has not changed in PowerPoint 2016 and Microsoft still shows that this is a tool that is difficult to replace.