The BEST Products For Safe Snow Play

The BEST Products For Safe Snow Play

This jacket is made of a seamless Suppletec body for a truly waterproof jacket with an over-sized collar for coverage. It’s perfect for warm snowy days. If its cool out, add warmth with a fleece under layer.

s1 AOY-Lola

#2 – Snood

Jackets keep your dog’s core warm, but they often have no protection for the neck. As we humans know, keeping your neck warm helps keeps you warm (why else would we wear scarves?). The Snood by Gold Paw Series not only keeps their neck warm, but also offers a layer of protection should your dog slip and hit a rock or stick. Made in the

s2 snoodmartablkem

#3 – Black Ice Dog Jacket

This dog jacket is made for sled dogs so you know it’s made for snow play! The shell is windproof and water repellent Supplex and lined with soft Polartec 200 fleece. These jackets are easy to put on and take off. Double strips of wide Velcro on both the neck and belly cinch assures a good fit. 


#4 – Musher’s Secret

If your dog just refuses to wear booties, than you need this. Put it on your dog’s paws and it makes a wax barrier to protect their paws from salt, ice, snowballing, 

s4 mushers secret

#5 – Ultra Paws Boots

Ultra Paws is known in the sledding world for their boots. They have different types depending on the type of terrain your dog is playing in and their needs– traction, rugged, snow, waterproof and even boots for wounds. You are sure to find what you need in the way of boots here.

s5 1_Durable_Red_front__11216.1399579576.1280.1280

#6 – Safe Paw             

If you need to melt ice around your home so you can get to the snow in your yard safely, than the ONLY de-ice you should use is Safe Paws. It’s the only 100% non-toxic chloride free ice melter that actually works better than most other ice melters.  Safe Paw’s premium blend is guaranteed not to harm your property and is safe even if ingested by small dogs and children.

s6 safepaw

For The Human

#1 – Ice Cleats

You want to make sure you don’t slip and fall while trying to play with your pup in the snow, so getting a pair of ice cleats is a smart idea. This way, you will feel free to run and frolic with your dog. (also great if you need to walk your dog on icy pavement!)

s1 icecleats

#2 – Eddie Bauer Down Jacket

These jackets (and their vests!) are incredibly warm. They also last forever – my one down vest is over 7 years old and looks brand new. This will keep you nice and warm while you play.

s2 eddiebauer0891062_406C1

#3 – Endura Luminite Waterproof Gloves

Gloves are essential, but so is the ability to handle the leash, clip/unclip your dog, pick up poop, or just throw the toy. So this means you need waterproof gloves that also allow finger movement. These stretchy, waterproof and windproof gloves are made for bikers so they allow dexterity while providing warmth.

s3 endura-luminite-waterproof-glove

#4 – Traction Magic

This is a good thing to carry around with you if you are playing in the snow away from home. This product does not melt the ice, but it creates an absurd traction on every surface. Traction Magic is made up from a blend of different highly specialized earth crystals that absorb any moisture on the surface and embeds itself into the ice sheet creating a sand paper like traction that can be used on all surfaces and is even safe on freshly poured concrete.  Sticking with total safety, this product is non-toxic and won’t harm anything.  Is your car stuck when you get back to it? This works on black ice, and the most amazing part is that it works instantly.